Vue du Cervin

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Vue du Cervin

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Sandlewood • Yuzu • Pepper • Saffron

Bold and complex - leading with top notes of Sandalwood and Yuzu. The middle is a spicy mixture of black pepper and the base note is appealing and fragrant Saffron

Vue du Cervin was born on a charity bike race in Crans-Montana. As I was fighting my way up the mountain the amount of men's cologne was distinctive. I was taken over a lot by delicious scented male riders and with the Matterhorn to my right, it was a moment that had to be recreated.

Candle burning time

  • 100g – 25+ hours

  • 250g - 50+ hours

  • 425g - +-100 hours

Our aim is to make high-quality products with as little carbon footprint as we can possibly make them. They are scented with uniquely formulated essential perfume oils. The candles are based on pure plant oils. A mix of European grown Rapeseed & Soy oil which offer you a long burning time. The candles can be used as the soothing massage oil. Try the warm oil on your cuticles, hands, feet or as a total body massage for you or someone you care about.

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