Vue de Cervin

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Vue de Cervin


Sandalwood • Yuzu • Pepper • Saffron

This therapeutic blend is perfect when you seek uplifting and blissful moments.

Bold and complex with notes of Sandalwood and Yuzu, Black Pepper fragrant Saffron

Our luxury reed diffusers will give you 10 weeks of aromatherapy bliss.
This synergistic blend optimises the aromatherapy scent throw giving all the wellness benefits of an aromatherapy spa treatment. 100% natural, non toxic with only pure essential oils. Each bottle contains a very generous 165ml of pure essential oils all infused in an certified Soil Association organic grain base.

The beautiful thick clear glass bottle is available with a silver or gold cap. Together with natural ultra thick reeds, it adds a cool complementary look to any room or table display.

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Vue de Cervin was created at a charity bike race in Crans-Montana in Switzerland. As I struggles up the step mountain I was overtake by plenty of male bike rider. They had clearly made an effort as a trail of gorgeous scented after shave hit me every time I was overtaken. Surrounded by the view of the famous Matter Horn mountain and delicious after shave - it was a moment I had to recreate.

Key Features

• Luxury thick glass bottle

• Silver or gold top

• Ultra thick natural reeds

• No need to flip the reeds

• Eco-friendly Kraft paper box

• Long lasting

• Organic grain base

• Hand poured in Switzerland

All our diffusers are made from renewable resources. The base is a grain product scented with essential oil perfumes. It evaporates slowly, is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and has a low carbon footprint, making it an ideal room diffuser for you and your family or someone else you care about.

What a better way to celebrate everything Swiss, the birth place of Lanxel, then to create a collection of dazzling, inspiring products?

Switzerland has been my home since the autumn 2012 and has inspired me to make an assortment of delicious, environment-friendly products. Switzerland is much more than chocolate and cheese. Here, nature begins at your doorstep. The country offers you four distinct and unique seasons, crystal clear lakes, majestic mountain peaks and a public transport system which runs like clockwork. Come along with me on a journey of truly special discoveries and captivating scents. I hope you will enjoy these enchanting long-lasting products as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Much love and light moments, Lotte