natural candles CREATED WITH “hYGGE” and NATURE IN MIND


Hi ! I'm Lotte, the creator & founder of Lanxel Candles.


Inspired by nature - made for hygge


As many of us become more aware of the impact that our buying choices  have on the world at large, people are increasingly searching for more ethical products. We ask ourselves questions such as: Were the people who made this product fairly treated and paid a reasonable wage? What is the environmental impact of this product? When I buy this, is it helping the community I live in?

When you buy a Lanxel Product, you can treat yourself to a bit of luxury while  knowing that every aspect of this candle and diffuser – from the packaging to the product container – has been produced, designed and sourced, with ethics and sustainability firmly and foremost in mind.


Lanxel's scented oils are carefully developed from bespoke blends of essential oils and aromatic compounds. We have consciously chosen to work with an infusion of both because our research has shown that this is far more ethical and fair than the way in which many standard essential oils are sourced. In doing so, we are able to provide a clean-burning candle by using a pure lead-free, unbleached cotton linen & cotton wick. This means that when burning your Lanxel Candle, the only thing you will be breathing in is a lovely fragrance. We work closely together with our local Swiss perfumer to guarantee the perfect scent for every products in our collection.

our Wax

Our wax is made from a mix of 100% rain forest-free soya bean, rapeseed & coconut oils. These oils are a renewable green resource that can be replaced at a rate comparable or faster to the rate of consumption. We do not add any paraffin or other wax in our candles. Better still, our wax does not stain. Soy wax is water soluble which makes spills easy to clean-up with soap & water. This means Lanxel Candles are better for your home environment as well. Lanxel are vegan friendly

Ever since establishing Lanxel, I've focused on producing deluxe natural scented candles and diffusers with the least impact on our environment. I work closely with all my suppliers to guarantee all my products are made from biodegradable, European-grown produce - Select yours today!

About Lotte  

You can take the girl out of Denmark - but she's gonna bring "Hygge" along!!!  

“I'm not long in a new location before a candle is lit. Candles are part of my hand luggage whenever I travel.” 

“With a warm blanket, a box of herb teas, a couple of candles and a diffuser you can create a "hyggeligt" moment anywhere.” 

Lotte grew up in Denmark and learned from an early age about natural skin care from her beloved grandmother. The power of complementary treatments was introduced to her when she sought help for her skin issues with a Chinese- trained acupuncturist at the age of 18.

Leaving Denmark in the early 90's, she discovered a whole new movement of holistic and complementary health living and enrolled herself into many related courses. Her love for cosmeceutical skin care, aromatherapy and reflexology has never left her and she still keeps up with new developments and research, and introduces them into her own business model whenever possible.

Having lived in several European countries over the last 25 years, she has learned to adapt to many different cultures and life styles and it has enriched her life and business philosophies in a way she could never image. The environment, sustainability and "hygge" are three things that are always been important to her.

Today Lotte is based in Geneva, Switzerland with her husband, teenage daughter and rescue dachshund, Mia. The stunning sights of Switzerland have inspired her to create a collection of natural-based candles and diffusers where her and her team lovingly work and develop new products and scents daily   -  Select yours today !


Some people pack perfume for a romantic weekend. I pack my massage candles.


The candles are all made  of rapeseed and soybean wax.  They burn 90% cleaner and 3 x longer than paraffin candles. They are soot-free if you blow them out correctly. Click here. They are produced with pure unbleached cotton or untreated wood wicked. The base of the diffuses is made from unfermented distilled  grain, certified by the European Soil Association.  The diffuses contain no salts or other impurities.   The unique fragrances are obtained by combining 100% natural ingredients from plants, flowers, herbs and fruits together with pure essential oils.

It's important to us that we feel we make a difference. We promise:

  • We do not test or use products tested on animals

  • Our candles and diffusers are vegan

  • Contains no pesticides or herbicides and is not genetically modified

  • Not part of deforestation processes

  • Manufactured meeting EU & FDA standards

  • Does not contain palm oil, petroleum, paraffin or beeswax

  • Our candles and diffusers are vegan

Physiology & Sustainability

Recycling - We support MSF (Médecins sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders) and will  make a donation on your behalf  for every candle container you return We understand that it’s not always possible or practical to return your containers, that's why we encourage you to upload your pictures to our Facebook or Instagram page, showing us how you recycled and up-cycled your candle containers and we will make the donation on your behalf.

  • 100% of our container can be recycled and our packaging and gift boxes are made of recycled papers and plastic

Handmade in switzerland

To honour our ethos we hand-make all our products ourselves in our  workshop in Geneva Switzerland to ensure quality and the raw material supply chain.

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