Natural candles & diffusers created with your sense and sensibility in mind


Scent can turn you on or turn you off. Help you to reload or shift gear. Awake memories or take you back to precious moments. There is lots of little things you can do to help you create or re-create your moments, one being to light an aromatherapeutic candle.  

The process is simple -
Scandinavian philosophy with Swiss precision

All our products are handmade with love in our workshop in Switzerland.
My products combine natural ingredients, such as rain-forest free soy, rapeseed and coconut oils. The wickes are a natural blend of cotton and linen. The diffusers are made from a grain-based liquid, all infused with uniquely formulated, long-lasting essential oils. The products & production are 100% sustainable & eco-friendly and many of the containers are made from recycled materials
— Lotte, founder of Lanxel

Three Secrets for True Candle Lovers

1.  Release all the fragrance when you light your candle for the first time

Allow the wax to melt across the entire surface of the container to give you maximum fragrance and an even burn. Trim the wick to about 6-8 mm, before relighting your candle again.


2.  Enjoy a massage with your 100% pure candles

Light your candle and let it burn for 25-30 minutes. You now have enough oil to start your massage. Pour the oil directly into the palm of your hands or dip your fingers into the candle container. Use it for the perfect hand, feet and cuticle massage oil or as a full body massage for you or someone special.


3. Use melted wax to extinguish your candles

Extinguish your candle by dipping the cotton wick into the melted wax, immediately stopping it from smoking. For wood wick, extinguish the flame by pouring over a teaspoon or two of melted wax.