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  • Bergamot
  • White Aquatic Florals
  • Caraway Seed
  • Green Vetivert

A timeless blend of Bergamot blended into a juicy heart of Aquatic White Florals and Caraway Seeds, mixed with soft Green Vetivert. An elegant feminine scent

Pure soy candles and Augeo based diffusers

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grows high in the Alps and is regarded as Switzerland’s national symbol. But did you know - Edelweiss is not really a flower. It's a set of five hundred to a thousand tiny yellow florets, surrounded by fuzzy white velvety petals in a double star formation.

What a better way to celebrate everything Swiss, the birthplace of LANXEL, than to create a collection of dazzling candles inspired by this magnificent country?

Switzerland has been my home since the autumn of 2012 and has inspired me to make a collection of delicate ecological and sustainable products. Switzerland is much more than chocolate and cheese. It offers you four distinct seasons and nature starts on your doorstep. It's full of crystal clear lakes, majestic mountain picks, checkered farmlands, as well as, an urban perfection best symbolized by its public transport system that runs like clockwork. Come along on a journey of truly special discoveries and captivating scents. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy experiencing these enchanting long lasting candles and reed diffusers as much as my team and I have enjoyed creating them?

Love and light moments