Citronella Lemonade

Citronella Lemonade

  • Citrus Lemon
  • Tangerine
  • Orange Blossom
  • Lemongrass

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Citronella Lemonade

The Spring & Summer Collection

Outdoor Anti-Mosquito Candle

This candle will bring up memories of old fashioned home-made Lemonade, with its sparkling Citrus Lemon and Tangerine, blended with sweet aromatic Orange Blossom and underpinned with rich Lemongrass accords.

A strong anti-mosquito scented candles that will see the mosquito’s dash for cover.  Set with a large wood wick that makes a charming crackling sound as its burning. The wood wick has the ability to withstand a light breezy wind. It does take a little longer to light the wood wick then a cotton wick, so make sure you keep the lighting flame on the wood long enough for it to catch fire. I recommend a long nosed lighter or XL match sticks.