Hi ! I'm Lotte, the creator and founder of Lanxel Candles.


Inspired by nature - made for hygge

Ever since establishing Lanxel in 2015, I've focused on producing the best natural scented candles and diffusers with the least impact on our environment. I work closely together with all my suppliers to guarantee all my products are made from biodegradable, European grown produce - Select yours today !

 Having lived in many European countries over the last  25 years I have learned to adapt to many different cultures and life styles and it has enriched my life & business philosophies  in a way I could never imaging. The environment, sustainability and hygge is three things that's always been important.   

You can take the girl out of Denmark - but she will bring Hygge along!!!   Hygge is such a Danish thing. Its part of the air we breathe. It does not translate well but the meaning is soon clear to anyone visiting Denmark, even for a short visit.
Think of the warmest, coziest things you could possibly imagine. Flickering candles, log fires, sheepskin rugs, faux fur slippers, hot water bottles (complete with hand-knitted covers), warm tea or hot chocolate and that oddly pleasurable burning feeling you get on your back from leaning up against the radiator too log on a cold day? That's HYGGE. 

Some people pack perfume for a romantic weekend. I pack my massage candles.


The candles are all made  of rapeseed and soybean wax.  They burn 90% cleaner and 3 x longer than paraffin candles. They are soot-free if you blow them out correctly. Click here. They are produced with pure unbleached cotton or untreated wood wicked. The base of the diffuses is made from unfermented distilled  grain, certified by the European Soil Association.  The diffuses contain no salts or other impurities.   The unique fragrances are obtained by combining 100% natural ingredients from plants, flowers, herbs and fruits together with pure essential oils.

It's important to us that we feel we make a difference. We promise:

  • We do not test  or use products tested on animals
  • Our candles and diffusers are vegan
  • Contains no pesticides or herbicides and is not genetically modified
  • Not part of deforestation processes
  • Manufactured meeting EU & FDA standards
  • Does not contain palm oil, petroleum, paraffin or beeswax
  • Our candles and diffusers are vegan

Physiology & Sustainability

Recycling - We support MSF (Médecins sans Frontières - Doctors Without Borders) and will  make a donation on your behalf  for every candle container you return We understand that it’s not always possible or practical to return your containers, that's why we encourage you to upload your pictures to our Facebook or Instagram page, showing us how you recycled and up-cycled your candle containers and we will make the donation on your behalf.

  • 100% of our container can be recycled and our packaging and gift boxes are made of recycled papers and plastic

Handmade in switzerland

To honour our ethos we hand-make all our products ourselves in our  workshop in Geneva Switzerland to ensure quality and the raw material supply chain.

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